This is my story..


I think the passions we have later on in life and NOW stem from many different stepping stones, influences and people. Mine has to be from growing up always enjoying sport, fitness and eating right. Back then though, I know now I wasn’t eating right. Im not going to knock myself for doing a positive thing though.

Lets cut my long story short, Id say i have had my fair share of experience, forever changing lifestyles, eating correctly and big psychological journeys.

Matt Stirland Nutrition Coach

What is my why…..? I have suffered from mental illness for years, sometimes not knowing, sometimes I have wanted to give up. A lot of the time I have used Fitness and thinking correctly, more importantly Ive used food as my medicine.

As mad as it sounds to most, Im so grateful for having suffered from depression. The buzz, the overwhelming feeling, I get from just talking to someone because I have been open and honest that I too have suffered. If I hadn’t have had a mental illness, I wouldnt get to feel what I feel when someone thanks me for just listening. If I could tell even just 10 people who are suffering from depression one tiny bit of advice… TALK.

Talking is the first step, the next step is to fuel your body with the correct fuel.

This is why now im exploring this PASSION of helping people, not just people with depression, but people who want to change.

Maybe its more energy, maybe they are not sleeping good, maybe they need to reduce the number on the scales. All of these issues and hundreds more can be tackled by eating the correct fuel.  Your body will react to what ever fuel you fill up on, make sure its the correct one.

Listen, I would love to hear from you, drop me an email any time, click this link here to Change your Life

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2 Replies to “This is my story..”

  1. Hi I am currently in plaster after having operation on my foot through running
    I stopped running 12 months ago because of this and have gained around 2 stone
    How much is your programme please ?

    1. Marie Hi
      Oh no sorry to hear that I bet you are frustrated
      Ok there is so much to tell you, explain and lots to ask you
      The cost is £399 and you get me for 11 weeks 1-2-1 coaching you through the plan I set you

      How does that sound I can explain more over the phone as a next step ?

      Matt Stirland

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