Ladies, love your hormones.


Lets talk about Leptin, have you heard of it ? Do you know how much you should be its friend?… let me introduce the hormone Leptin to you… 

Leptin is released from your Fat cells travels to your brain, surfing the waves of your blood, once it gets there it says “Step away from the food and up down your fork”.. this is done when you have eaten just enough. There was always going to be a BUT… But if your little surfing dudes (leptin) have been messed about they will STOP the ever important messages getting to your head.

What stops them ? – the more and more fructose and processed food that we consume the more Mr Leptin stops doing his job. So when you hear people saying that they cant stop snacking on CRAP. You know that our very good surfer friends (Leptin) have been compromised.

When you eat small amounts of fructose, you’re OK. But if you eat more than the recommended 5 daily servings of fruit  plus processed foods with added sugar, your liver can’t deal with the fructose fast enough to use it as fuel. So does that maybe give you a picture on why you are always craving sweet stuff and processed crap ?


Estrogen… This hormone is what makes a women, a women.  it’s also the hormone that can be naughty in the fat department. At normal levels, estrogen actually helps keep you lean boosting the production of insulin , a hormone that manages blood sugar. When estrogen gets thrown off, though, it turns you into a weight-gain machine. 

HOW –  When you eat, your blood sugar rises. Like a BIG body-guard insulin lowers it by pushing glucose into three different places in your body. (When insulin is in good working form not too high and not too low)The three place are, a small amount of glucose to your liver, a large amount to your muscles for fuel, and little to fat storage.

Still with me…… BUT if this is happening to often (or to much) the your good working organs become overwhelmed, as we all do in LIFE if we have to much of anything. SO, all that glucose (sugar) then becomes over subscribed and gets stored as FAT… (within women normally around the middle, mostly). Them Fat cells on average expand to 4 times their normal size. cut down on sugar in all forms guys !!


Anti-Aging – All this sugar talk has to bring me onto what the horrible stuff is doing to your skin and reducing the AGING process. 

Ok, so I know we all like to spend money on face creams, lotions and potions to HELP us stop that aging process. I say keep it up, I don`t know to much about Treating the Skin from the outside. BUT have you thought about If you treat the skin from within what benefits it going to have when looking in the mirror ? 

So did you know the average British women spends a whopping £1,352 a year that`s about £112 per month on her appearance…. The big question here would be “What do you spend on your health (which will greatly benefit your skin) and/or your diet per year ? …… It is considerably LESS !! 

BUT think about FOOD is more essential than your creams, BUT your FOOD choice WILL (fact) benefit your skin and make you look 10 years younger than a FACE CREAM will ever. 

If you would like to talk to me about how you could change the SKIN your in fill out this form CLICK HERE FOR CHANGE !! and Ill call you right back for a FREE 30 minute chat.


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