How did Sarah change her LIFE ?

That’s a BIG statement “I changed my LIFE” … I suppose our lives are changing every day. But when we consciously want to change our habits that are making us over weight or really not helping our health that’s when we can say “I changed my life”.

Some of you will have watched Sarah on her own personal journey of changing her life. What is exciting with Sarah’s journey is that she is still going strong. It’s wasn’t about her weight loss and still isn’t now. Ok, she lost over 3 Stones.

But for Sarah I know personally it was more than Weight Loss.

  • A new relationship with her food.
  • A new relationship with her thinking.
  • A new relationship with herself.

What Sarah started to realise is that she was (wrongly) focusing on what she didn’t want, what food she didn’t like, her thoughts were all about what she didn’t want if her life…..

Now im not going to go deep into why this is wrong and preach to you about the Law of attraction. I don’t need to… this is simple and very effective “Stuff”.

Look at what Sarah was concentrating her thoughts on…. “what she DID NOT want”

The more we focus on what we don’t want is exactly what we get !!!

Within my Nutrition Coaching I really started to see that there is a MASSIVE gap, that it’s not the Food that is making us over weight or making us ill. It’s ourselves, I’m currently working towards a clinical counselling qualification which will work perfectly along side my Nutrition coaching. Our mind is a powerful tool when we are wanting to “change our lives” whether Sarah consciously changed her thinking,one thing she has done is that she does realise NOW that it’s not her food that changes her mind.

Remember #DontDoDiets – If you would like to talk to me about how you are going to change your life fill out this form CLICK HERE FOR CHANGE !! and Ill call you right back for a FREE 30 minute chat.

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