Female Weight Loss can be so frustrating.

Hormones – Ever wonder why a hectic day sends you face-first into a bag of sweets or crisps ? That’s the result of your adrenal glands releasing the stress hormone cortisol. That response, which is meant to give you a burst of energy for fighting or flight mode, can often remain high because of  stress, leaving you craving high-sugar or high-carb foods. There’s even some evidence that cortisol causes you to accumulate fat specifically in your belly. Serotonin has the opposite effect: It calms you down and is a natural appetite suppressant.

Solution….To get the same effect without drugs or sugary high-cal carbs, load up on folate-rich lentils, asparagus, and spinach. Your brain uses the B vitamins in these foods to make serotonin. Getting enough sleep helps too

Chill the F**K OUT  We really do need to chill the F**K out guys. You have a busy life I know, the kids, work pressures, illness, LIFE in general. There`s so much making you stressed, feel down and just keeping on the go is a massive struggle.

 BUT !! Chilling out will really help you with your weight loss. In short the HORMONE that is released will make you eat more. Cortisol, it automatically whacks up your appetite, prompting you not only to want to eat huge quantities but especially to want sweets and simple carbohydrate-foods that make insulin levels spike and then it drops, which may leave you feeling hungrier than ever and eating again. Please get in touch if you think you need help with this Talk to Matt here !

Caffeine KICK We all love coffee by the pint sometimes BUT this could be helping you to NOT lose weight. So either get rid or reduce it. It is NOT harmful in small doses. Give your body a chance to do what it does best. COFFEE will effect your weight loss, Too much can increase your stress hormones, causing high insulin levels and inflammation in the body. 

the mind

Its all up TOP (mindset) – So for me this has to be the BIGGEST or most important area to concentrate on. You are doing it right now and thats what is powerful… Your MIND is the TOOL that will help you LOSE weight, gain weight and /or keep the weight off !! Think about it (haha) you control every thought, every movement, all day, every day. Once we really start to realize that we are in full control, thats when things will change.

Yes of course its going to be hard, we get tired our thoughts run wild, we have a drink (alcohol) our decisions go out the window. BUT mastering and really working on being mindful everyday WILL HELP YOUR WEIGHT LOSS.

I really cant stress enough, when you are on my 12 week Transformation Program you will learn and be supported through these times when you would normally “FALL OFF”. Lets speak soon –  Matt #TheNutritionMan


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