I really need to change, please HELP !

I will say it again and keeping saying it

       “” Its not the food that is making you over weight””

I like to explain to the people that are on my program one to one, what I really mean about this statement. Normally I dont really need to explain to much. This is because the thinking from my clients, tends to just fall into place, and that above statement makes so much sense….Let me show you an example of why people want to change….

 “” I need help desperately I have an awful relationship with food and can not  seem break the habit I’m stuck in I do try and go to the gym but see no improvements due to the lack of good nutrition I actually hate myself it’s so  upsetting when I look at photographs I dont want to feel this way anymore “”

I am hoping that you can see why I have a Burning passion to help people. comments like this give me a motivation to HELP.


I see this person in a different light to most, whether you can relate to what they are saying. I see them as brave, it takes a lot to speak out and ask for help.

I know when I read such comments that they will succeed with the Nutrition Coaching. WHY ??… becuase it has a personal, deep and emotional meaning and that alone will keep them going and motivated.

I will regularly remind them what they say to me when they first contact me…. once half way through the program the change that they see for themselves is over whelming. They read their comments back compare to where they are now. Thats when it hits them, they realise what the small changes has done for them.

That alone is a success to me, the journey looking forward is an exciting not just for me BUT for that person….

So where does the first statement we talked about come into it…. It’s simple…. “your own thinking is what makes you over weight” once the penny drops and you experience this. You then realise you are in full control of your body. 

I really do hope you see the strength of digging deep and finding emotion that is linked towards your eating, your health and your whole lifestyle. – Matt

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