What an Inspirational Story “WOW”

I really had to share this BLOG POST with all of you. This one a little different as it was written by a lady with a journey that anyone would be so proud of. These words from Sarah herself really moved me…. PLEASE recognize that when we change the way we think, things change……

“”Let me take you back to the 23rd of March why you may ask? Well let me tell you my open and honest story, 

March 23rd was the date I contacted Matt Stirland. The day my life started, The day that door opened most importantly the day I admitted to my self and another human who listened  to what a dark grim place I was in. 

I had battled with so much of what weighed me down for so long. I had suffered postnatal depression and anxiety fighting it and losing the fight every day for the past 18 months! That fight to get out of bed on a morning just to face another dark day. I was exhausted, I disliked myself in fact that’s a light term in all honesty I hated myself. I piled the weight on and stopped caring for me! Warped in such negativity. I lost every single bit of confidence and self esteem  I ever had…… please don’t stop reading we do get a happy ending I promise. 

So 23rd of March the day I contacted Matt the day my life and my health began to change with his help. That day someone listened to me for the first time not only listened but understood every single word I was saying, he was so easy to talk too non judgmental in anyway. My needs my wants were all taken into consideration. This day the plan started! I suddenly found I was excited I was eager I was feeling strong and capable of that change, I was ready for this! I embraced it all even the first two days of cleanse. Matt taught me to learn about myself to dig deep he educated me about food fueling my body correctly enabling it to function the way it should, we worked on my mindset, my thought process. How to self love. 

Fast forward to today 10th June almost 12 weeks on I have a completely new outlook on life I have been ‘re educated into buying and cooking different I wouldn’t dream on buying processed food now like I did previous. I am positive. I have found the strength to fight those demons I’m holding my head high I’m able to look people in the eye without hiding. Bloody hell I even joined the gym 3 weeks ago who thought that was possible I didn’t.  I’ve lost a massive 3 stone 2 lbs massive gains. Iv learnt to grow again if learnt to embrace those few bad days I have practiced self love. My good days out way my Bad days by far. I’ve gained a friend in Matt with his help and support and honesty, he pushed me when i needed it and has taught me so much, I will forever be grateful to Matt and will never forget our journey we have worked on he’s been a guardian Angel in my time of need. I am just one of many others as prove his plan works!  He continues to help others. 

 I am able to tell my story proudly

I am going to continue his plan and eating for the rest of my days and continue with lots more exciting personal journeys and smashing goals. No looking back for me now””

PLEASE share this POST for Sarah !!

The Nutrition Man
Matt Stirland The Nutrition Man

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