I wanted to end it all

I was asked this question the other day

“”What has loving yourself and self worth got to do with your nutrition program and “eating””.
As parents we do everything possible for our children from day one through the first few years by feeding them the good food, giving them the best possible start, making them strong through FOOD.
WHY?… Remember when (i still do) you used to look at them and want to squeeze them because you were bursting with that love for them. I used to want to eat them (not literally, don’t worry). 
So you get that point of that unconditional LOVE for our KIDS or Family. We will naturally treat our loved ones with so much respect and want what is best !!! 
So answering this question….. If you gave yourself LOVE and held that respect for  yourself, you would not have the challenges, illnesses and issues you would now.  That is WHY loving ones self will HELP with what you FEED your body.
#MyStory !!!! 
Speaking from personal experience, I experienced years and years of Mental health to a point of weeks and months of not wanting to talk to people, not wanting to go to work, not wanting to go out the house and at times being one step away from ending it all. (This is a positive post stay with me 😀)

What changed……. I really started to love Matt Stirland, I started with therapy, exercise I enjoyed, meditation, reading for hours on “What makes the Mind tick” BUT above all I really started focusing on my HEALTH through fueling my body… FOOD !!! 
The SELF love and the SELF care and above all this emotion I’m expressing now “Being honest to MYSELF”made the biggest difference in me LIFE, and id say saved my LIFE.

It all started a NEW journey that has changed my LIFE, my relationships, my thinking, my health, my mental health and the what I put in my BODY to help me feel out of this world ❤️
Every day i give myself even half an hour of what i enjoy for ME. I hear so many people say i don’t have the time or its selfish… and that’s fine. As i know them type of comments tend to be something deeper going on for that person (I’ll dig it out of you) MORE IMPORTANTLY now i fuel my Body enough to make me THINK well and function well above all control my Mental Health and overall health. 

Answer… This is why i eat well 😉 #PositiveShit !!!

I work with so many people that have had similar journeys. Using a focus is essential to the journey, this focus is FOOD….. Get in touch now to find out so much more about how YOU will benefit – Click this link for a FREE 30 minute call **

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