I need HELP, I have tried all the diets.




If you have always swam only a few lengths of the swimming pool, then you went to try and swim the English channel, you`re going to FAIL, right?”…. so, build up slowly and you will get there, If we jump right into massive change we will end up getting dragged under!! – I hope you can see where im going with this, its the same with DIETS.

That is always a great way to think about Diets, I personally hate diets and the emotions around the word. If diets worked long term then we would all be in good shape. RIGHT ??

I want you to think about the NOW, forget the past, imagine that you are starting a fresh, you know nothing about DIETS, but you are told this…..

“” If I eat the correct food, stay active and work on my HEAD(thoughts) as much as I work on my body, I will then have a better body shape (and amazing health)”…. sounds easy but I understand it isnt, I always challenge people to THINK differently when they are on my Nutrition Program, if you have always failed on a diet, then its your “Thoughts” that are failing you, not the FOOD !!


Do you remember coming home from school, our hormones are bouncing all over the place, and Im sure we cried or got angry 5 times per day. Do you remember what mam or dad did to cheer you up….. “Dont worry darling have is a big piece of CAKE, that will make you feel better”… of course is did. Plus it was filled with the most satisfying drug that boosted our feel good hormones. Perfect…… so next time I feel shit I think Ill use chocolate and sweets because that is what I associate with tears and unhappiness.


So YES you are not to blame for your dieting habits right now…… What you can do right though is START NOW, start a fresh from here. You can change right now….. Ive actually created an exercise that might be useful for you to think about WHY you struggling with DIETS…. try this and see if it helps (FREE)…..Try this….

I truly believe that if you can master your mind you will start a better relationship with food. That is if you really, deeply, honestly want too…. As I said try this exercise it might help with why you want to make a change… Ill GIVE IT GO !!

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