Be Happy & Healthy right now.


A Healthy mind gives you a healthy body, or is it the other round. Which ever way round it is, we at least need to start somewhere. Start here with these TOP Happy and Healthy routines EVERY DAY.

Be grateful… Be grateful to everyone, yes even the haters they need it the most. Being grateful will give you more in life, not for selfish reasons. I think there are two ways to be grateful, giving and receiving (do both). I always found it hard to receive a present or compliment but always found amazing gratitude when giving. It doesn’t have to be something of monitory value. Even just your time, helping someone with the smallest tasks. Either way always be so grateful for that moment. This will make you Happy.Gratitude

Practice Mindfulness… This is probably one of my must to do every day. Most think what is it, a lot are actually doing but don’t know you are. I use mindfulness as a therapy, we have all done it at some point in our lives, you might get to experience it through reading this now. It can be difficult achieve and is just like exercise , we need to do and the more we do it, the better you become at it. Just be aware, be aware of decisions, surroundings and most of all be aware of your thoughts.

Take my head as an example, i am constantly thinking, good thought, bad thought, whats happen from one minute to the next, on average us humans have 50 to 70 thousand thoughts per day. I’m sure i have more…. but imagine all them swimming about in your mind. You get the idea…. mindfulness is not about controlling them thoughts but letting them occur. Concentrating on one specific task like your breathing can bring your mind to being more mindful NOT mind-FULL.

“MINDFULNESS when eating is being totally aware of what you are putting in your mouth at every moment”.

Learn to not give a s**t – This can be a difficult one, but when you do master it, wow, it will give you massive relief. Worrying about what hasn’t come yet (future) is just the same as going everywhere with a umbrella in the summer.

Success and Failure are the same.. Where I think failures (or lessons) give us the best experience, success and failure are the same we still can learn from both. Both will take you away from where you and your mind need to be, which is right in the center, both will tilt the balance away from your center. So be aware of both success and failure and where it takes you. Remember to come back to center.

You are not them and they are not you….. (this has to be at the top)dont compare

Hope you enjoyed these Happy and Healthy tips….. Get sharing this post and spread the love – Matt


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