Lose weight around your middle.

Lets just get right into it, cut the crap there are so many reasons why you are getting fat around your middle. Age, what your eating and the amount of activity you are doing or not doing.

So here are some tips on what I need you to start doing or continue doing as you might be already doing them….. “If you are really stuck and none of these things work get in touch i`d really like to help

BREAKFAST  – Best way to start your day, I don’t care if it is or isn’t… I want you to start the day with fuel in your tank so you can have the energy to function. With regards to weight loss from around your middle this will help. The secret is to eat the correct foods that are going to keep you fuller for longer. NOT off the shelf cereals !!!! NOT low fat Yogurts.

Full english

EAT FAT TO LOSE WEIGHT  – Some find this mind boggling, why because they have been taught from slimming groups and alike that FAT is not good, they have been taught to eliminate all fat from everything you eat.. WELL change that right now EAT FAT… these are good fats . BUT its also essential you get the mix of carbs and proteins in with these Fats too.

DON’T SKIP MEALS – Whether its breakfast, lunch or dinner don’t skip meals, you’ll be planning your day for work, your kids and your social life, so spend even 60 seconds to think about where you can get good food from. EVEN give yourself 30 minutes (or less) preparing some food that you can eat when you are out and about. SKIPPING meals tells the body to produce cortisol which likes to say to the body, keep some BODY FAT around that middle. Plus its no good for energy levels.

to busy to eat

STRESS and ALCOHOL – Yes they do tend to work hand in hand, don’t get me wrong I like a little drink every now and then. Individually, to much of both is going to to add to the size of your middle. SORRY !…. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t drink and you shouldn’t have stress, that would be just boring, right. There are ways we can help impact the body less.

Try eating a meal before (healthy) the go on a night out as that stops the liquid carbs going straight into your blood stream and giving your body an injection of blood sugar, adding to that weight gain. You can even have certain foods that will be more of a help !!

Hope these tips have helped if so please share the blog post on your Social media accounts and if you’d like to join me on my Nutrition Coaching get in touch here !!

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