5 Foods you should be eating for Flawless skin.

Surely it makes massive sense or is it common sense that what we feed our very sensitive sponge like organ (our stomach) it will react to what its fed. So what we put in our mouths from meal to meal not week to week, literately  your stomach will absorb what ever it is fed. Then produce results to make you feel good or bad. (so use good foods).

So with that in mind how about use these 7 amazing foods to give your skin an amazing glow. Remember these foods do give many other benefits as well.

Broccoli used to be the super food daddy, well nothing has changed with its super powers, I think sometimes its get brushed aside because so many of us have it by itself. Jazz it up a little, season it, throw some spices on it mix it in with many other veggies. When it comes to the skin Broccoli has it all, detoxifies, its an anti-inflammatory NOT just for the skin but the whole body. Packed with VITAMINS A, C and K.


I can not get enough of seeds, im sat here doing this blog post with a blow of porridge mixed in with Flaxseeds, Sunflower seeds, Pumpkin seeds and chia seeds. Even get some Hemp seeds in there as well. Every one of them seeds helps with the radiant glow in the skin. Packed with PROTEIN !!


Nuts and seeds work hand in hand for me, perfect with any meal and so handy to have around for emergency snacks..

If your wanted nice glowing  tight skin, with a good boost of collagen so your skin is protected against cell damage, nuts are what you need to be consuming. Almonds, Pine nuts, hazelnuts  or walnuts. If they are to dry eat them with some mixed berries at the same time to wash them down. Love Ya Nuts !


Fruit or Veg  that is the question. Who cares, I love Tomatoes, yes any type just eat them. they are said to be more powerful when they are cooked. Great for the heart and your blood, but with the skin Protects against damage normally from the sun and will also give you a softer youthful touch.


I always like to save the best till last, I mean because they are my favorite food. Fantastic for the brain, but with the skin  these amazing things get to the deepest part of the skin. Do you know of many creams that can do that.

Hope you start using all of these foods next meal, Please remember to share if it has been useful.

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