Lets boost your Weight Loss.

My simplified way to rev up your metabolism… What is Metabolism ?

“” Metabolism is the chemical process your body uses to transform the food you eat into the fuel that keeps you alive. Nutrition (food) consists of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. These substances are broken down by enzymes in your digestive system, and then carried to the cells where they can be used as fuel.””

These next few tips or advice will help BOOST your metabolism process (so important).

“STOP stressing me out Man !!”” – When you get stressed your body will naturally  go into defensive mood, thinking it needs to hold on to something, over time that something can be body FAT. Learn to ways to manage stress, like meditation !!


WATER WATER WATER !! – When your engine is working away (your body) all day and everyday, even when you are sleeping it needs lubrication and cooling down, which in turn will rev up your body fat burning process, so drink. !!

EAT FAT !!!!! Yes Fat (healthy ones) you need to be eating healthy fats !! – So when I’m increasing or boosting my own metabolism. Even trying to shred a few pounds most think that we have to do a high protein diet…. WELL there’s a NEW DIET in town, it’s called eat good FATS !!

EAT Protein as well – (but not just from chicken) – Yes protein as well as other Nutrients are a great way to lose body fay but also Rev up the metabolism. The digestive system has to work so much harder to process protein so the metabolism engine works over time (Good).REMEMBER protein comes from so many different foods NOT just chicken.


Protein also helps with maintaining muscle mass, or keeping them lean, which again will keep that Metabolism active.

If you would like to know MORE about how my COACHING PROGRAM is going to change HABITS, Eating, Habits, Your energy, your health and many other things about your MIND and BODY contact me here Talk to me !!!!!

So to finish this insight to Metabolism and the importance of keeping on top of it. It will give you so much more in terms of health. Your energy, your digestion and what I get excited about the long-term health.

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