5 Top foods you need to be using for a body cleanse.

Whether you are like me and love to use food to help you feel and look better, or it might be that your weekend was a heavy one, either way get the following food into your body today.


Bloating is a massive problem for so many people, it can be so difficult to nail down which foods create the big stomach. So why not concentrate on the foods that are going to help with your bloating. Asparagus is a natrual diauretic, which will help fluss out the toxins that maybe be resposible for the bloating. 


We all want to have great looking skin and great looking hair. If I said to you the secret ingreident is avacodo to lovely looking skin and locks. Surely now you’ll eat more than you did before. Healthy monounsaturated fats keeps our VERY IMPORTANT blood sugar levels low. 


I always like to advise the good old advice of an apple a day. We should be !! They are low on our glycemic scale which is another great food for not giving us that unwanted blood sugar spike. (A lot of other fruits will do this). These bad boys have a lot of fibre which is great for clearing out the all important intestines to be rid of accumlated waste. 


Silicon, sulphur and full of electrolytes, I could go on about the benefits of these under used foods. The electrolyes within cucumber are a great recovery food for after a workout, a run or even just to boost hydration. 

Hope you enjoyed the quick insights to them amazing foods. Try this list of more amazing foods to help to clear your skin.

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