I need better sleep

Five of my top foods that can help you knock out them ZZZZZ’s

I love to play about with food when mother always told me not to. But playing with my food now is a little different. Now I enjoy experimenting with which foods are going to give me the potent mix of GoodMoodFoods. Im forever looking for which foods are going to benefit different aliments and how they react to our bodies.

For example Turkey which is high in tryptophan an amino acid that tells your body to give you more feel good chemicals serotonin, which in turn helps you to doze off.

Firstly though i have to big up Mozzarella cheese, i love the stuff. You can actually get Mozzarella from ALDI for normally less than a £1. So mozzarella cheese pound for pound is a heavy weight in helping you sleep, its packs nearly double the Tryptophan as a lean protein. 

Salmon… What can i say about these lovely fish, wrapped in foil lots of different herbs, veggies and lots of lemon juice, chuck it in the oven. Omega 3’s are what your looking for here and salmon has lots of the stuff, you feeling sleepy yet ?

Almonds… I actually throw these nuts in with the foil wrapped salmon. Its the magnesium in the almonds that do the trick for sleep. Helping your muscles relax and a great source of protein…. and that amazing amino acid Tryptophan so a big double whammy. 

Oatmeal.. I prefer this better than porridge oats, a perfect after exercise meal and many other qualities. But oatmeal will also promote them ZZZZ,s. 

Bananas… I personally dont eat many but great to be eaten at specific times, but for them ZZZZ’s get one down your neck.  If you are craving something sweet and fighting the sweet tooth, keep a banana with you at all times. 

If you would like to learn more about what foods to have for differents aspects of your life, keep in touch at Matt Stirland’s Facebook Page.

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