The Anti-Aging secret

Male or female, none of us want to look any older, yes its going to happen anyway, but while we are here how about we work a little harder to look as young as we feel. 
Carotenoids, what are they ?

Carotenoids are a widespread family of plant pigments found mostly in vegetables (and some fruits) that are red, orange, and deep yellow in colour. Sea animals with a red or pinkish colour, such as salmon, lobster, shrimp and crab also contain a carotenoid named astaxanthin that they absorb from the algae in their diets.

A diet rich in carotenoids offers these specific benefits:

~ better function of the immune system.

~ better cardiovascular health

~ increased strength and endurance

~ decreased recovery time from exercise

~ reduced pain and inflammation and better joint function
~ relief from symptoms of both osteo- and rheumatoid arthritis

~ protection against UV radiation from the sun

~ beneficial effect on male and female fertility

Eat more food containing Carotenoids, long term it will make a difference… The secret here though, is to also eliminate out all the BAD FOODS that have the total reverse effect. 

Many clients reported two significant changes with their skin with in weeks of eating correctly and eliminating CRAP foods. Firstly it was the way in which their makeup went on with ease and the youthful feel and look of their skin over the whole body. FIRST STEP TO BETTER SKIN

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