Eating good food to boost your mood.

I am a living example of this, give me some bads foods and your guaranteed to get me into that bad mood. The typical processed foods are great if you are wanting that bad mood each day. Whether your moods are infrequent or you have symptons of depression you are going to benefit from cleaning out the gut with GoodMoodFoods.

Everything starts from the gut.

The bad foods can stop the growth of beneficial bacteria by feeding the ones that we don’t want,”  Eating more natural probiotics will help to promote the growth of beneficial goodys , which can help support increased secretion of the brains chemicals that have a positive influence on your daily moods. 

As well as the pro’s we really need to look at the Pre’s (prebiotics) blostering pro’s and pre’s will have a massive impact on overall health as well as the good moods. 

We should be eating FAT, yes FATS ( and protein).

Its now gone of the day that advice of we shouldnt be eating Fats (good ones) if there are slimming groups or articles out there telling you not to eat fat, please ignor them. The amino acids, vitamins and minerals from the fats and proteins in your GOOD foods will stimulate your mood enhancing chemicals. 

Keep on moving..

One word exercise…… Choose a form you enjoy and do it often. Simple really. 

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