You only live once

It’s time you started doing something for you.


Do you feel you are ever just going round in the same direction, doing the same repetitive routine every day.
Do you ever think I’d love to do different things to what you are doing now, like a different job, go to different countries you have never been to, want to help people ??
Do you look forward to a Monday morning like you do as if you are going on holiday?

“”I was stood in a coffee shop queue the other day, next to me were two ladies. One women was buying a skinny latte a round of white bread and a double chocolate muffin, for breakfast.  The other lady says ” wow, is that what you eat for breakfast” she said yes most days. “You only live once” !!! Now for me if I ate that most days I’d feel terrible all week have no energy and probably be a lot heavier. The biggest comment for me was “you only live once” !!!!

I love the the saying “You only live once” simple and so true.
BUT !!!! what if while we are here, this ‘once’,  you live that little bit better and you are here for that little longer. The fuel (food) we put in our bodies WILL determine 100% how you live NOW and how long you are on this earth.

I’m not suggesting you never eat that double chocolate chip muffin, I’m actually suggesting enjoy your life. Once every now and then that muffin won’t hurt, IF, you are eating better 80/90% of the time.

What I am suggesting is, break away from the normality, from SHIT you don’t actually like, start making a life you actually think about and start living it, might as well as you only live once 😉


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