Secrets to losing weight

Get rid of processed foods, eat healthy and go to the gym. Is it that easy to lose the weight? So why is obesity on the increase. We all wish it was that easy dont we, what if none of the above was the answer. 

Yes go to the gym or do the exercise you love. Yes do the positive thing of eating healthy and YES cut out all processed foods. But for me the best secert to weight loss is through the food you need to eat. Yes the most effective way to losing weight is in the kitchen 

Let me explain the healthy part, i hear so many people are eating healthy or im going on a diet ( i hate the latter one). What does helthy eating look like ? the diet your going on, are you going to be able to keep it up for life?  You can walk into a super market and pick up foods that have on the packaging “Healthy”, “low fat” and so many reach for them believing that you are about to be healthy. This is not your fault. They are probably going to do the opposite. 

Let me give you a few secerts to start your new lifestyle change that should be longer lasting than a low fat, super soup, all juice and high chemical diet. 


Kitchen or Gym ?
– Let me keep it simple the most effective way to lose say, 5 lbs, 10 lbs or a stone if you want, is all about what you are going to eat next. Before you gym lovelies think “cant believe hes saying dont exercise” im a gym/exercise lover too, I DO ADVISE TO EXERCISE !! You need and i will get you to concentrate on the food first. The big bonus is when you come to exercise you will have even more effective results. 

Guilty pleasures you are allowed – A lot of you might like this next one, think of your favorite not so good food, chocolate, donuts or cake, if I said to you ‘you can never eat them again’ you would run a mile or a week later you would probably eat one of them or all three. Its important to strike a balance in life and with your food, ok i will help you with finding a more healthy guilty pleasure but me giving you an incentive will keep you motivated. 

Size really does matter yes getting rid of all processed food will help your weight and health. But even the amount of health whole foods is so important to. For example avacodo has the amazing fats and fantatsic nutrients, but eating a big amount of it can potentiallly add up as its high in calories. Im not one for counting the calories, but its important to know portion size, even large amounts of good healthy whole foods can add up. 

Your in or your out –   Dont change everything in the first week, small steps because the following week youll be back to where you started then motivation will be at rock bottom. A good way to fail is to go jumping in feet first so baby steps is so important. If your training for a marthon  you wouldnt run the whole 26.2 miles in the first week. 

Hope these tips have give you an insight in to how you need to make changes.

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