Is the DIET your on working ? 

Many of you might know I hate the word DIET, espcially when we talking about being on one. I DONT DO DIETS.

Anyway more on that another time, how many of you count calories, how many of you constantly look at the scales to see if the numbers have changed from hour to hour ? Does this really give us the best indication that your “diet” is working. This is what i think…. 

     “”The realisation of when you eat wholes foods from day to day over a long period of time that your health is changing for the better, thats when you know you are eating correct food.””

What indications would and should you see if your are eating the correct foods…..

~ What if there wasnt such a word as weightloss, what would you call it ??, how about you change the word forever right now so your not constantly giving your subconcsious a negative trigger. TRY THIS… practice changing the negative words like weighloss and diet to something more positive or happier. OR a more powerful trick is to shift your focus of them horrible words to everytime you think of them is to concentrate on what positive things can happen from eating correctly, rather than what you want rid of. THINK about it, if you constantly think about what you  dont want. GUESS WHAT, you will focus on exactly that. BE MINDFUL OF WHAT THINK !!

~ Food allergies are so common these days, why ? Because of the crap that we eat. But hold on in your defence food companies are actually putting legal horrible crap in the your food, sometimes not even advertising it on the front of the packaging so we dont even know its in there. BEST TIP I can give here is EAT WHOLE FOODS. You know your body best, if your having reactions, experiencing different issues with your body have a look at your plate. 

~ Your body if functioning at its best should and will eliminate crap if consumed. Im not saying if we eat loads of crap your body will get rid of it. What i am saying is if you are eating fantatsic food (the correct healthy foods) 80/90% of the time when we come to have a treat (crap food) your body and its amazing organs will handle them so much better and get rid of them more efficantly. YES I am saying it is ok to once in while have a treat. “Enjoy life guys”

~ Take this from a person who has suffered from depression for years… You can and will feel happier if you choose to eat the correct foods. I am so mindful of the foods I eat, I can literally have a bad day if the previous day I have eaten some crap. Your happiness does corrolate to the foods you choose to eat. Make the correct choices guys, Please. 

~ You shouldnt have to reach for coffee and sugary stimulants to boost your energy. you will wake up naterally and not feel hungover if you eating correctly. Also you wont feel totally written off after exercise if the body is fuelled properly. 


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