Eat after fitness for recovery.

A hard workout deserves a reward.

But please dont do harm by rewarding yourself with CRAP food because you had a  hard session.You need to be getting the good stuff into you. Your muscles are screaming give me what i need.

So, i have featured some my favourite foods that are fantastic for less muscle soreness and great recovery. 

Pumpkin seeds,  I love these amazing seeds on everything, thrown into salads, on top of my yogurt and fruit. Pumpkin seeds have a high magnesimum content, during exercise your magnesimum levels will drop so these strong little seeds will help replace. They are also High in iron. Fantatsic for that much needed energy as well. 

Chicken,  We all love chicken, low in fat and rammed with protein. did you know a small anount of chicken, about 115g contains around 27g of protein. It contains all the amino acids your muscles need for rebuilding, perfect for recovery. 

Sweet Potato, this has to be one of my favourite foods, i use it as a jacket potato, amazing. Perfect as a post workout meal, around 40g of carbs. They are packed with antioxidants, carotenoids and Vitamin C. The important One for me is the Vitamin B content, great for restoring your enery levels after exercise.

Salmon, Ok, so i said sweetpotato was my favourite, but when it comes to Salmon it has to be on par. Many people tend to have less omega 3 with in their diets, Salmon will knock up your omega 3. The benefits of salmon for your exercise recovery, high in protein great for muscle repair, great source of calcium and Vit D for your bones. The omega 3’s are a great anti-inflammatory which will help with the sore aching muscles. 
Cherries, are naturally energising as well as some berries. Very high in potent anti-oxidants, known as anthocyanins, which can help with your post-exercise recovery. As well as food being great for your recovery, we also need good sleep. Cherries are great for helping you sleep.

Im going to finish with coconut water, its an excellent recovery drink, replacing very essential electrolytes, such as potassium, magnesium and calcium. I think its a perfect replacment to the well know sports recovery drinks which are rammed with sugar. 

Hope you can put these foods to good use…. If you’d like more info on the Nutrition Coaching I deliver, please get in touch here Email Matt


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