Inflammation and your skin.

Inflammation, what is it and what does it have to do with food. Inflammation can cause cause skin conditions / allergies, headaches, menstrual pain even chronic disease, actual everything.

What is inflammation – Inflammation is a combation of heat, pain, swelling and redness that is internal or external of you body. These four inflammation symptoms tend to come from when that area has been poked by an irritant, it does include a nagging partner giving you ear ache. 

It can be simply an irritant from a food sensitivity. Sort of makes sense if we repeatly eat food that can irritate your insides. Normally our bodies can help reduce or even heal the inflammation, but if exposed for to longer period it can be damaging. 

  So what do we need to eat – My top tip to reduce inflammation is to eat the right food. Wheat and sugar (even dairy in some cases) are the biggest bad boys. “Obvious” you probably say, that doesn’t mean we all have to go gluten free, people that tend to suffer with celiac disease YES !

             “Just limiting foods isn’t the answer” 
We need to go back to nature the correct foods are really going to detox or cleanse your liver giving a better chance for your body to do its job and fight disease. The liver plays an important role in doing this. One of the main colprits has to be stress, especially when we are talking about your skin.

Did you know – Stress plays a massive part in inflammation but also plays a big part in your skin. 

  “Stress signals to the adrenal glands to release adrenaline, which then pulls blood away from the skin leaving behind that washed out look. When stressed out over longer periods the skin conditions become worse. Makes sense really if that main organ is not being supplied with what it needs, it will suffer.

Destress and eat well guys – Matt 

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