What’s life like now ? 

What one client experienced in weeks…

I asked a few of my clients the other day “what was your life before you changed a few things because of the Nutrition Coaching”. When I started to get the answers back from these people, I started to realise that the changes in a space of only weeks, are really quite impressive.
– Before the Nutrition Plan what problems did you have around eating…

Binge eating after missing meals

Eating junk stopping at Maccie D’s

Major sugar lows requiring ‘fixes’

Snacking on kids left over food

Drinking most nights

Choosing fattening choices on menu

– What solutions were you looking for/wanting.
Weight loss.

Increased energy.

Long term health gain (high risk diabetes).

Ability to manage cravings.
– Other than weight loss what other benefits have you noticed 

Drinking loads of water.

Thinking carefully about choices.

The Carvings for juke food are not even there anymore.

Not hungry 4/5 hours after a meal.

Not snacking between meals.

WILL POWER !! (Is back) 


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