Is Weigh Loss the answer?

Move them Scale numbers.

There are many words I really dont like to use When talking about nutrition. The word in this blog title being one of them.

Let’s call it ‘W’, ‘W’ will be a really BIG motivation when wanting to move or not move the scales numbers.
I really do believe in the language that we use will effect the way we think and speak about food. 

 I’m constantly correcting clients if I think they are being hard on themselves, when sometimes they don’t even realise that they are suggesting to their subconscious, negative suggestions…. That word ‘w’ being a good example.

Take a moment to be aware of what you feel or what you think about when the ‘W’ word is suggested. The word “LOSS” being a negative or potentially even an anxious feeling related to it. “Weight”, I said I wouldn’t say that word. Weight being another negative word.. I’m sure you all have different triggers linked to the words. So talk positively.
So I’ll ask the question again, “is weight loss the answer”… For this one client weight loss might have been the answer to get things going. But for me as the coach with every client, it’s about a change or a shift in their life. The ‘W’ will just happen anyway.
 This next client is what a change in lifestyle is all about, I’m very silently proud of this clients journey 


  Going from 11st 10lb to 9st 1lb which is 37 pounds down!
Yes the ‘W’ is a great answer here but the lifestyle change was what was important. 

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