Body Confidence 

Every week I get some kind of feedback relating to the program that I deliver. If I was getting the benefits that these people tell me about, I would never stop eating the way MY PROGRAM teaches them.

“I’m a completely different person”
I had to share this with all the readers of my blog. I’ve been working with this lady but never actually met face to face. She lives up in Bonny Scotland. It shows that Online Nutrition Coaching works.

Here are her comments on her progress….
“”I’m doing good, still sticking with your program. I really should stay in touch more I’m a completely different person now. I have so much more confidence. I’m still wearing dresses to work once a week. Which I have never done, I’m getting so many compliments wanting to know what I’m doing. I’ve slimmed down a bit further and today I’m 8.13.5 which is the first in 6 years! Thank you ! “”

When I receive these type of messages I really can’t describe how I feel, I just know it’s good.

A good point to be aware of is that being on the plan it can be used literally, forever. The idea is for the client to learn from the journey and take it on themselves.

Thank you for reading – Matt


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