A massive change for one client


I could write so many different stories about each client, as they all have had their own amazing journey. I was coming home from a much needed spa day when I got a message from a client. Whilst I was at the spa I thought about different things. I thought a lot about where I wanted to take my different ventures. Every single one of the clients I have worked with or working with now inspire me every day. The texts or emails I receive are amazing…. So I wanted to share this one with you, which gave me my reasons and answer to a lot of my questions I had at the spa that day.

This client is currently on the Nutrition Coaching, came to me and we talked a lot about “WHY”. This person had and is coping with depression and has it now, from that she had picked up other health issues, which was creating a never ending circle. Please tell this person well done once you have read her message.

“”I can’t believe it Matt, Best thing I done was to look on yr page, I feel great !!! I did find it hard the first few days but now I can’t believe how easy it is! I don’t crave for sugar as much, which has surprised me because that was my downfall! Didn’t even have many headaches which I usual do when i do a diet.
Can’t thank you enough! My family are so happy for me especially the way I’ve been.
Now I can exercise never thought I would look forward to exercise haha but can’t wait to get on my treadmill and by the way I have lost 1 stone in 2 weeks””
Can’t thank you enough

This is why I do it… Well done to this person !!

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