I need to change. 

Clients that have worked with me get to see my passion for nutrition. I feel myself sitting on the edge of seat and my talking rate goes through the roof. One subject I enjoy explaining is about inflammation. Here is a quick fire explanation of what you are doing to your health when you are constantly eating bad toxins.    If you’re consistently eating foods that cause a low-grade allergic reaction or contain lots of toxins, your immune system is constantly kicking into gear, That immune response is, by its very nature, inflammatory, because it has to produce lots of proteins (called antibodies) and chemical agents to fight off invaders. Which is what you want them doing—just not all the time.  

That leads to a chronic state of low-level inflammation, which can cause all sorts of problems. Think acne, migraines and weight gain in the short term, with heart disease further down the road.
Just to finish…. If you would like to make a change, where ever you in the UK, we can make a difference to your health, your weight more important the quality of your life. Read this and contact me  

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