Ok, hello for those that don’t know me, I’m here to change your life. How many times do you here that, but how difficult is it to change your lifestyle. What does that even mean? 

Well, it can mean so many different things. It might be you have a health issue and worried as you get older it’s going to get worse. It might be you don’t have the motivation to eat well and exercise. It might be you simply don’t know where to start. 

I say start here #WatchThisSpace 

#WatchThisSpace is a campaign you are going to sign up to and let everyone know you are going to change as soon as you sign up. Your going to use the hashtag #WatchThisSpace as a way of saying one BIG MESSAGE “everyone #WatchThisSpace” I’m going to change.

BUT listen, there are only 15 spaces and I’m putting this out Nationally !! It will start August 1st, (on sale 2 weeks before). 

What will you get ?

• All foods list (individual to your body and lifestyle) *Not a generic list of food.

• A day to day food eating plan that is not restrictive, very simple to follow and the foods are foods that are readily available in all supermarkets. 

• One of the most important things you get is the support, you will get My support when you need it.

• You will get regular 1-2-1 Skype, telephone or face to face contact with me. 

• You’ll receive everything you need to “change your life style”

• The programme you will be on is 8 weeks long


This programme has been tried and tested, most or probably all have had results that have changed lifestyles. If you’d like to talk to these people you are more than welcome. To me everyone has inspired me because they made the first step to change. 

I am creating a waiting list. As this will roll from month to month. 

If you want to get on this first one please follow this link to sucure your place on August 1st. Let’s make change Matt 

9 Replies to “#WatchThisSpace”

    1. Rachel Hi hope you are well, Thank you for your enquiry can I get an email address off you and Ill send you more details on all the Nutrition Coaching I do

      Matt Stirland

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