Need more sleep ?

I get so many requests for tips on improving lifestyle. I wish I could answer every one. So what I’m continuing to do is write more blog posts like this one. This is about how we all can get better sleep. I understand that its not that easy, if kids have a bad routine and end up jumping into your bed or you might work shifts. Please try this tips as it might just help a little…

Things that could be effecting Sleep…

– Small changes that could help, for example the amount of light getting in to your bedroom. Try to black out all light in the room.

– The temperature in the room, keep things cool as possible because your body temperature heats up under the covers and if its warm within the your bedroom you will become restless.

– More health related issues could be issues like Hypoglycaemia (glucose deficiency) which is more common with insomnia. Sleep apnoea (interrupted breathing) even depression can effect your ZZZZ`s

There are so many reasons why your sleep can be good or bad…. Here are some ways to help.

– Exercise, a big one which will help, boosting endorphins that may help mellow out your nerves and anxiety.

– Avoid stimulants, coffee, teas and the sugary drinks will all interrupt your sleep up to 24 hours. so if you are losing hours eliminate them.

– Booze and large dinners – large meals in the evening can interrupt the sleep cycle and loose the booze.

– My passion and favourite, eat the right foods, (remember, get booked in with me to benefit with weeks) Melatonin is the hormone we need to regulate our sleeping cycles. So we need to help the hormones through the food your putting in. Eggs, sesame seeds, chicken, cashew nuts almonds and chickpeas.

You`ll sleep well if you share this with friends… ZZZ !!

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