One BIG belly

Here are some foods that will make you feel so bloated you wont eat them again, “will you”??

Bagels – Most bagels are actually made from 100% refine flour, do they taste nice, Ill let you decide, that refined flour sets off negative events of elevated blood sugar, elevated insulin levels, and increased belly fat storage. (not good)


Cabbage – Yes it is good for us BUT, Cabbage is a vegetable known for increasing gas production in the gastrointestinal tract during digestion. And this increased gas production can bloat your belly, a good tip though, Give it a good cooking.


Coke – Common sense on this one guys, yes its terrible for you and a lot of the bloating comes from the carbonated sodas,

As well as the carbonation that increases gas in the stomach (which causes immediate belly bloat), the sugar in cola can make that temporary bloat turn into a permanently larger belly! Depending on the cola, it may contain sugar, corn syrup, or another liquid sweetener. All of these sweeteners have the same long-term effect: increased fat storage right in your abdominal area.

High sugar content, especially in liquid form, immediately raises blood sugar, which in turn spikes insulin levels. This elevated insulin level signals your body to begin storing the excess sugar as fat. And, of course, your body places it in the easiest and most convenient location: your belly.

Diet soda isn’t the answer.


Deep Fried Foods – Commercially fried foods often contain the most dangerous of all fats: trans fats. These fats in even small amounts have been linked to many negative health effects (such as heart disease). They can also significantly elevate inflammation in your body.


Rice – White rice digests rapidly in your body, creating that cascading effect of increased insulin levels, increased fat storage, and an increased waistline over time.
Also, as a refined grain, white rice offers a low level of satiety. So you’ll eat it, won’t feel very full, and then eat more. This cycle can lead to an excessive calorie intake and increased weight gain.

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