Look good, feel great, lose weight

Glad you liked the title of this blog post, what isn’t there to like. Looking good, feeling amazing and losing weight tends to be high on peoples agenda. Two of them are high on my agenda, for years and years (and until only recently) I always thought, if I exercise four or five times per week I could eat what ever I wanted. To an extent it works a little… when I was younger maybe, but in both male and female bodies the age thing tends to creep up. are you with me on this? The four or five times at the gym or pounding the streets started to get a little harder.

So why the change, dont get me wrong exercise I love and always will and will continue to do and keep prescribing. I have found my new love, something that is in “every-bodies” life every day many times per day, more so for others and for some through bad habits and education, its killing people and will continue to kill people… sorry to bring a downer to this. Food is killing people. This is why ive had a change. When im talking to friends and clients about the way in which food can and so easily can change your life, i get a buzz out of getting to the root cause.

With in 2 weeks you can feel amazing by simply changing the way you eat, your skin changes, your energy levels, your sleep improves, whether you have IBS, depression, osteoporosis, allergies, gout, over weight, hypertension the list can go on and on, these symptoms can be helped, even got rid of.

This I why im doing the Metabolic Balance approach, look at the recent changes in international singer Sam Smith and soon to be international James Corden their bodies have changed so much and gone through the Metabolic Balance way. I read in article about how people with depression have had the best results they have ever experienced and not needed the tablets any more.

This is where the change has come from. Hope I can see you very soon.

Love to hear from you – mattstirlandcoach@gmail.com

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