The change

Is this the ultimate guide to surviving the menopause?, it might not be, BUT a little help never goes a miss. I’m sure if you are worrying about when it going to hit you or you’re experiencing it now, you are going to want some help.

The food that you eat WILL guarantee help FACT, it will also help you when the time comes if you start with the correct foods now. As a male talking about a women’s problem I’m reading more and more about what women experience and go through… wow you go through some stuff don’t you.

Putting aside whether I understand it or not, your food you consume can and will really help the symptoms – Hot flushes and night sweats – Sleep problems – Urinary Problems – headaches – Palpitations – Depression – Anxiety and many more horrible symptons.


I always suggest to my nutrition clients concentrate on the foods that are going to be of benefit rather than the thinking about the foods that are keeping them over weight or ill. In this short post let me tell you what is effecting you. Common sense I know. BUT the secret here is the Premium Nutrition Coaching  programme I deliver.
So alcohol, fizzy drinks, caffeine, refined carbohydrates, your typical junk food are what you should be staying away from. That’s not rocket science.
BUT knowing and learning how the foods can effect the different symptoms you are going to experience or experiencing now can be life changing.

Peaks and drops in your blood sugars, the natural body chemicals that you loose, the stress hormone cortisol that gets trigger by the processed foods, the list goes on BUT knowing and understanding why these things are happening is a massive benefit to you and the people around you.

Just before I finish good for the foods like oily Fish high in omega 3, nuts , seeds even turkey , lentils and chickpeas.

Speak to Me about how I can help.

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