Boost your Brain

Well, I’m a big one for “you are what you eat”, there is a massive connection between what goes on inside your body and what goes on in your mind that’s linked to what you put in your mouth. With my new found love of food and what it can do for your weight and health, I have listed some great foods that are good for your brain power. Enjoy, Remember to share and comment, please !

Walnuts – Eat these nuts with the skins on  that’s where the powerful antioxidants are. Great for magnesium which helps regulate your sleep patterns.

Avocados – this one is my all time favourite food, great for so many things, the good guys in avocados are the caroteniods which help improve brain performance. Plus the amazing healthy fats, which keeps the inflammation under control. More on inflammation later.


Extra Virgin olive oil – Its all about the good fats again here. Extra virgin olive oil has more mono-unsaturated oleic acid than any other oil, that`s the key to you brain function.

Cauliflower – I feel sorry for the old cauliflower, it always gets forgotten about, but its an amazing power food. Big source of vitamin C which can elevate your mood, plus the Vitamin K will keep your mind sharp.

Beets – You really need to be eating these babies. where do I start? – High in Nitrites which can increase your blood flow in parts of he brain executive functioning. And they`re packed with folate (aids brain function), great with helping with dementia.

Pumpkin seeds – Only recently learnt myself that these amazing seeds are a great anti-depressant. They`re loaded with zinc a mineral that keeps depression at bay. They also contain glutamate, which produces GABA, a chemical that fights stress in the brain.

Hope you can start using these foods – Remember to share this blog post with friends and give them the benefits too.

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