More Energy anyone ?

1. Snack right,

Staying healthy doesn’t mean you have to starve. Make the correct choices with the snacks (and meals) you have. Yes, its so easy to grab what`s around at work or the nearest food outlet is a vending machine. if that`s the case then prepare the same morning or night before. Pack up the healthy¬†option.

2. Eat your greens,

Iron will keep your energy at bay, so try add more iron rich foods to your meals and snacks, spinach, Liver, Beef, even Tofu.

3, Go herbal,

So, you are fading at work, it might be the fizzy drinks crash (get rid of them) but also the double espresso might be causing the fatigue. Go for the herbal teas, green or white teas. The antioxidants and detoxing properties will stop the energy crash.

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