No more juice

Juice cleanses (no more) !!!!

Yup, step away from that 3-day meal of juices because here are the facts. First of all, it is important to give your body a break every now and then, but I prefer whole food cleanses over juice cleanses. Why? Because most people I’ve met that juice cleanse use it as a crash diet, or as a way to counteract any poor choices that occurred in the recent past.

What you also need to question is a juice’s efficacy in cleansing your body when it’s loaded with sugar. The high sugar content can lead to blood sugar roller coasters, leaving you famished and, well, cranky. Not a fun combination. You can hit the reset button without the high price tag and heaps of sugar. Look for green juices with low-glycemic fruit such as green apples and lemon, and if you do want to cleanse, go with a more food-based variety.

This is another reason you might not be losing weight. 

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