Get rid of sugar

I’ll be honest and say my weakness is sugar. It’s slowly killing so many people, plus it’s slowly being added to so many foods we eat. How do we keep away from it. In theory it’s quite easy but when it comes down to educating people on where it’s hidden, that’s the hard part.

So how do we turn this into a positive step forward. For me the best way to change a massive problem is every body has to take an individual stance. It would help if the big food companies would help and even start to reduce the sugar content. But that’s maybe a goal for the future.

So let’s each of us make an individual start on reducing our sugar intake.
Let’s put a bit of a positive serving into this. Reducing your sugar intake will give quick but more importantly amazing health benefits. It will help with losing pounds, boost your energy levels, there are so many benefits in the short term and long.

How much is to much? Well NHS guidance suggest that the white stuff shouldn’t be no more than 10% of our daily calories. (About 50g for women, little higher for men).
If you are regularly eating processed foods you have probably already hit that number. Fear not as we are going to makes steps to reduce. Aren’t we ?

– Always read the labels, there are clues in there – stay away from anything ending in ‘ose’ – dextrose, glucose, fructose, sucrose, maltose. –
– Fruit, some fruits are high in natural sugars and yes too many can be damaging. – stick with your 5 a day, but choose veg over fruit. – Up the Apples and Pears, not just have good sleep but Apples and Pear are the best for least sugars. – Sugar is a big circle. – you eat sugar, you get a high, it wears off, you get another craving. – It has the same addictive effects as recreational drugs – Sugar will damage your teeth, it increases the bacteria in your mouth damaging teeth. – love the skin your in, sugar is giving you wrinkles earlier than you want.

I could talk much more about the benefits, the problems and where sugar is hidden. I’m sure you know a lot yourself.
As I say a lot “just start” !!! If you need help to stay focused longer and make a bigger impact together, contact me.

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