Smash your goals 2015

I hope you can embrace the quick tips to help you smash your goals NOW !!

1. Make it Actionable
Rather than giving yourself something NOT to do, give yourself something to do.


Look at it like this – you might decide to give up all fast food.

That’s great, but if all you’re doing is trying to avoid something, you have nothing else to focus on.

Rather than doing this, give yourself an actionable goal, such as –

– Eat a lean source of protein at every meal

– Eat 4 portions of vegetables each day

– Cook an evening meal at home at least 5 times a week.

This way, you’re not banning fast food, instead you’re giving yourself other goals to focus on, which will ultimately mean you eat less fast food.

2. Break it Down

You can definitely lose 2 stone, get a six pack, or run a half marathon this year, but these are all lofty goals.

There’s nothing wrong with breaking these down into bite-size pieces.

Why not aim to lose 3 pounds a month or set yourself the goal of a 5k park run in March, a 10k in May, a 10-miler in August, and a half marathon in November.

You’re far more likely to achieve manageable goals, which then leads to reaching your end goal.

3. Visualise It

If you’re starting out on your body transformation journey, it can be seriously difficult to picture where you want to be compared to where you are now.

So every morning, get into the mindset of what you think you’ll feel like when you’ve hit your goal.

4. Get Accountability

People are almost embarrassed about having resolutions at times.

Don’t be.

The more people you tell, the more you’re putting the emphasis on you, and making yourself accountable. You don’t want to let others down, which drives you on and motivated you to succeed.

5. Allow for Imperfections

Mess up?

It doesn’t matter.

Your year and your resolution aren’t ruined.

Simply learn from it, don’t beat yourself up, and move on.

You can still get to your goal at the end of the year with a few non-perfect days along the way.

2015: Your Heathliest Year Yet

While everyone around you is starting out the New Year with their magic diet pills, microwave ‘healthy meals’, or their new gym membership that they will probably use for a solid week, we can help you make this year your fittest, healthiest, leanest year yet.

Thanks to food for Fitness UK.

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