Eat more FAT !!!

What do we know about fat. Are you eating a lot?, are you eating enough? If you are eating a lot is it the right fat?.
Do you find it confusing, is this the first time you have been told you can eat fat.
I’ll try to keep it simple, “don’t be afraid of fat” there is something in good fat that tells your brain to stop eating. Like a portion control department of your brain.

Good fat foods like fish high in omega 3’s, nuts, olive oils (keep them cold), seeds and my favourite avocados.
Good fats when eaten with other goods foods help your body to burn your body’s fat.
It slows the rate of which the sugar hits your blood stream keeping up your energy through the day.

This list could on and I could list so many different foods, recipes and ways that Good fats benefit YOU !!

Advice – start using them if you are looking at weight loss.

If you would like more info on what you should be eating please get booked in with me before all my client places get taken up in January 2015.


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