Protein Power

I’m always reading new research on what’s hot and what’s not and I’ll say the same as most of you, it’s so confusing, right?

This blog touches on protein, one of the Three most important, the other two being fats and Carbs. The following list is from natural plant sources.

Almonds – has to be one of my favourites, can be added to breakfasts, lunches, dinners, smoothies and even a good handful as a snack, weighing in at 18g of protein per 3oz.

Try adding Lentils, quinoa and chickpeas to your meals as all 3 hit a good weight of about 14-16g of protein per cup serving.

Another great source comes from Spinach packing in at about 5kg of protein per cup. Spinach is great to add in to salads and smoothies.

Remember Protein is so important it’s the main building block for your whole body (not just your muscles). If your looking at weight loss it’s essential for that. Try finding proteins from many different sources not just your typical eggs, chicken and meats.


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