Jawbone UP

This is not to be missed, not only do you get an amazing Jawbone UP24 but you’ll get even better results quicker.
Every client that’s signs up to the Jawbone package will get to keep their own Jawbone UP24. It monitors sleep patterns, fitness activity you can even input all your Nutrition data.

This tool is amazing for two people, You and me. As well as you, I will be able to monitor all your sleep, nutrition intake and all your fitness activity on all the days you are not training with me.
This will really speed up results, call it a big brother or call it exactly what you need.

You’ll receive 2 training sessions per week for a booking of two months minimum (2 months minimum booking gets you your JawboneUP24)

An hour and a half consultation to go through
– Where you are at now (important)
– Goals for the future
– Your current nutrition intake
– Where you want to be mentally and physically
– and more.

You will be able to contact me via phone, Skype or social media for the days when you really need motivating.

This package is not just about WeightLoss or increasing fittest… It’s the start of a relationship where we both work at giving everything, creating a lifestyle that becomes natural to you. IMG_9544.JPG



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