Don’t hold back

Have you ever read a article in a magazine about a celeb making a fool of themselves because of a mistake they made, they might have slipped over and been caught on camera. We’ve all seen them right? Can you remember them? Of course you can’t? It’s yesterday’s news and forgot about within minutes.

The picture I’m painting here is. You could be holding yourself back from being a better person, getting that new job you have dreamed of. Because your worrying about what someone might think about you, might laugh at you or talk behind your back.
Most or all of time people will only think about your mishap for a few seconds then it’s history. More importantly its YOU allowing the thoughts that makes it worse.

“An amazing quality to have is to be able to laugh at yourself”.

These thoughts are holding you back, do these sound familiar…..
– I’m so unlucky
– I can’t do that
– I’m not as good as him/her
– I’m scared
– I’m not good enough

If you are thinking, “Yes your right, but”……. You have just done it again, the “BUT” is holding you back to…. I will give you some leeway that these thoughts don’t happen over night, it will take time, “BUT” it’s down to you, correct your language and listen to what you say, exercise the mind as much as you can “Self talk” – listen to what the voice in your head is saying and answer back to it, especially if it’s talking negative.

**Remember this does take time but like anything with practice you will start to see a change just by the thoughts and the words you use.

**Remember “the words you speak can also impact people around you”


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