Tips for cleansing the body

I’ve had so many people asking about detox’s and with the party season coming up what a good time to detox or even prepare yourself for the event. Typically we have always cleansed the body after the party or a heavy drinking session. What about a Pretox, a 5,7 or 14 day course that prepares your body, your skin and your insides, so when you do turn up to the party you get a them WOWS !IMG_0749.JPG
So what I have done here is but a small sample of a detox/ Pretox…

When you wake (730am) start with 10-15 minutes of stretching which will get you out of the sleepy state. If you can get out for a power walk.

Deep breathing is also a winner, sitting tall and slow deep breaths to wake up the brain. REMEMBER positive thoughts all the way through your breathing.

8:00am let’s get some good clean foods/liquids into the system. Get good toxins in and maybe start with a veg juice.
Whizz together some Spinach – Kale – Pear – touch of lemon.

930am let’s get the body fuelled for the day with a good breakfast. If your doing porridge why not make it less boring and throw some dark berries in there, I’ll let you choose any fruit, even some honey to get the sweetness in there.

Around about 11 get the brain stimulated, I like to keep the brain moving as much as possible throughout the 9-5 day, I say 9-5 because like all your muscles don’t over train them. You need down time from the mind too. Do some emails, schedule some meetings or if your like me try to learn something new

Try to pace the green tea through out the day stay away from the caffeine of traditional tea and coffee AND drink lots of water.

1230pm aim for some lunch, be strict with yourself and prepare the night before each day or on the morning. Why not try and throw a salad together, tomatoes, peppers, avocado, radishes and cucumber in with some protein like salmon or lentils. If you like, have a good squeeze of lemon juice to cleanse the liver. Try to stay away from the high carbs at this time, as you will hit the mid afternoon slump.

2:00pm let’s think about your snacks again, a good handful of nuts, eaten with some fruit, try carrots and some good houmous, you could even try slices of Apple or a banana with nut butter on top.

3:00pm experts suggest that the 3:00pm Is a fantastic time for a nap, sometimes people can’t do this because of different commitments and work situations BUT getting a nap at this time will do you the world of good.
If your at work then just try to sit somewhere quiet with a bit of down time.

4pm keep the detoxification going and try a different tea, swap your cuppa or coffee for a dandelion and fennel tea this is a great detox tea, if you can’t stomach that just keep on with your green/white teas.

7:00pm I’m sure you’ll be able to last out till dinner, plus having it around this time will give you ample time to digest. Concentrate on the high protein meals fish, chicken even try high protein vegetables as a substitute to the meats.

9:00pm as we start to get to the best time of the day, start to wind down, time to chill with the TV off and that mobile/laptop off too. Take a warm bath. Even go as far as dimming all the lights around the house as this triggers the hormones that start to make you sleepy.

Hope you have found this basic detox or Pretox helpful and there are a few tips you might have picked up. Remember that it’s just small steps you need to take. Make the goals you set meaningful to you, no one else.

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