I’m just a dreamer

Some might say that visualising what you want to be is simple. If your one of these people, is it working for you?.
Visualisation is the most powerful thing your mind can do. We do it every day, many times per day, sometimes with out even knowing. Your visualisation whether you like it or not has shaped you to who you are.
The brain is probably one of the most complex and amazing parts of the body, but, You’ll be glad to know that your brain when it comes the visualising, lacks a bit of intelligence.
When we have a thought the brain gives off electrical impulses to create an outcome or reaction. Scientists have done studies with top sports athletes on visualising. They regularly picture in their mind them winning a race, how it feels, they even go to the fine detail of how the different body parts will move to make the race successful. Ok, yes that alone won’t win your race. But the scientists reported some amazing results. They monitored the brains impulses when the sports person visualised themselves running the race to the actual physical moves of the body. The results of the brains impulses actually fired up the same.

The brain does not know the difference between reality or whether you are just visualising (thinking).
So this is where we can cash in on achieving what ever you want to achieve.

Regularly visualising what you want to achieve will give you the best possible foundation to getting there. You need to feel it, imagine you are actually living it, feel the emotions of what it would be like. We have all heard that positive thoughts bring positive outcomes. As simple as that is, it’s so true. IMG_9319.JPG

Hope you can start or even continue to keep on with positive, motivational thoughts. !! Please comment below and talk to me


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