Make Progress

Progress, what does that mean to you?
As humans we have a built in system to progress forward, make progress, move on. Call it what you want.
I heard a story the other day which describes why we should always Progress. This was based on a true story by the way. IMG_9207.JPG
3 men are dropped in 3 different and the worlds most harshest environments. Then, told to survive.
Two of the men died and the other man, he survived. The first guy was put in the Arctic with all necessary tools to survive, the second again with things he needed was put in the desert and the third was put in the jungle. The one guy that lived he was in the hottest place on earth, in the desert. Why did he survive?, he kept moving and made massive progress. He got to safety because that’s what was at the end of the road. The other two guys they stopped and waiting for help.
I hope you can see the lesson here. Funny enough only recently my wife and I learnt a similar lesson, it was that no one will come to your rescue you have to have the right tools and crack on.

I’ve experienced this a lot, not being dumped in harsh climates,but every time I have made progress, your energy flows and it really does keep you motivated. Think about when you might have been at a low point in your life, where you moving forward, getting things done and progressing. No you sat waiting for a life line that probably didn’t come.

Listen readers there are many reasons why you aren’t motivated or making progress But also there are reasons why you are. As I said in my last blog post “just start” and when you are moving, keep progressing.


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