Just Start

All around us there is everything we need to do what ever we want. So many of us question “where”, “How” or sometimes just don’t want to. That’s fine.
How do you know you are not the next best sports person, the next biggest entrepreneur or the next biggest star. You don’t have to be the biggest or best , just being a better you is the more important.
In the past I have blogged about being the best you can be and don’t ever compare yourself to others, great aspiring towards the best, please just focus on the best you can be.
This post has come about because I speak to many people and have a good eye for seeing that people have skills they don’t even know they have.
This is why I’m working towards being a Lifecoach. These are the skills I didn’t know I had. For 35 years I have only just really found not just a passion but a burning passion. It really does feel amazing when you find what you are really meant to do. It doesn’t just pop through your letterbox. You have to feel it, talk about it, think about it as soon as wake up on a morning to the second you fall asleep.
I really do think I’m lucky to have found what I want from life.
Being a Lifecoach is only one of my many dreams. I’ll let you know at a later date what other dreams are going to happen.


So how do you find what your dream might be…… I would say “Just start”


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