Confidence in other ways

I talked about the power of confidence in my last blog post, maybe the confidence came through or it was just that so many people think it’s an important subject. There was a massive amount of you enjoying it, thank you.
So I’m going to touch on it again. When I think about what confidence can do for you and for a situation, it’s a powerful quality.

Giver or receiver ?
If I listed or tried to tell you the different ways you can gain confidence this would be a long blog post. So one of the key ways is to GIVE. This does NOT mean people-please. When you people-please, you are not giving, you are trying to get. Get liked. Get friends. Get approval. Get a reputation as the Nice Guy/Girl.
Giving is about ensuring that the person receives what they want, not what you want. Ask before you give help. Ask permission to serve others. Expect nothing in return.

You will be rewarded. This reward will not be what you think you want, but it will be what you actually need. You’ll just have to trust me on this one.

Slow right down

This one is an important one to me from a health point of view. But, also from a success angle. I used to always try to do millions of different things and having hundreds of different ideas . I was wanted to have them all done by the next day. WOW. Was I wrong to do this… Think about what is priority and what is important. Now !!

Doing things at real time and slowing down to step back and think is this so important, the wrong, fast way made me ill at one point. Step back be mindful of what’s going on around you and aware of what’s important.

Remember you don’t have to give something tangible or something that costs. Don’t ever expect anything in return, please slow down and enjoy the time with family, friends and the things you have a passion for.


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