I keep thinking back to all the clients I have met and spoke to in the last two months and what the first meet I have with them is like, what are their issues or what is their “Why”.

This is Why I love what I do, each person has their own why of wanting to join me. The latest Why was a great guy who works typical 9-5 but does more hours than what he’s paid for (very stressful job), he does a little exercise but very confused about what to do, how often, intensity etc. Having a very busy life can really upset your health, weight and amount of time you have to do any fitness.
Have a think of why you exercise, why you even want start to exercise? Please comment in the blog and tell me your why….


I suppose this is where I’m different with my personal training, I’m working towards my internationally accredited (life) coaching qualification. I’m bringing in more emotion, more what is the why. I find it so interesting Why people do what they do. I’m really passionate about wanting to help people get out of a rut, change their lives completely, so they can say “Matt helped me to realise I’m better than I was” !!
This blog post is a very interactive post so please if you can leave comment on the post, in answer to the question…..
“Why do you exercise or what is your why”????


4 Replies to “Why?”

  1. I like this blog “why” because I am always asking myself why, and I am always answering with because….. Though when I settle and think about why, why becomes I don’t know or I always have, that’s why. Though when I ask why I am not successful or wealthy, or happy in my career etc why asked often enough becomes frustrating & after the excuses ( I am not rich enough, intelligent, gifted etc)and the blaming stops, the honesty is I don’t know why….. then this means I have a start, I have a clean peace of paper to plan to take action,,,,,,,,
    Though in honesty I keep getting stuck in my why….. I don’t know why.
    If that makes sense?

    1. Wow Richard firstly WELL DONE that is amazing !!!! What you ask ?? You being honest but also questioning WHY, you could just sit and not even want to know the WHY. You should keep looking keep asking keep feeling the feelings you have for all the different points you mentioned. Everyone that challenges and “wants” to find the why will…. But you also need to go and get it !!! Stay in touch mate Matt

  2. after reading you interesting blog WHY? It’s got me thinking most of the day and I don’t know why!

    What I mean is… When I ask myself ‘why am I getting the same results, yet I think I’ve learnt from my previous experience and done things differently but I still get the same results?’

    This leads me to think is it me? Am I the reason? I am the result of why? If that is the case… What’s the point of trying? What is the point of ‘having another go!’ If I’m only going to end up in the same position, only older, more tired and more dispirited!

    This leads me to think… Does luck play a part in me being able to change the result, ultimately so I never have to ask the question again about the same thing! Why?

    1. Adam Hi, so many people are are feeling and are in the same position as you. Are you doing the same routine ?
      It sounds like you are concentrating on the results you don’t like ?? Right ?? If so they will be the results you get every time. Which takes me back to first question !!

      There might be something deeper I might have missed but this is what sparks with me from what you have written

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