This made me proud

It took me a lot to contact Matt and start the ball rolling with personal training. I was stuck in a rut with myself, my confidence had hit rock bottom and I had put on quite a bit of weight.

On meeting Matt for the first time I was really nervous, but I instantly felt at ease. He projects positive and calming energy onto people around him which was exactly what I needed. He was very organised and showed direction to me. I felt he understood where I was coming from with my emotional feelings towards food and exercise.

He wasn’t pushy with ‘diet plans’, he didn’t say to stop eating anything; just to start cutting down on the crap. As a self confessed chocoholic, I thought it would be impossible to cut the chocolate, but with all the great advice from Matt I’ve managed to suppress cravings by replacing it with what my body is actually asking for, which I’ve learned to do over the weeks training with Matt.

His inspiring Facebook posts and regular contact keeps me going between training sessions. Just knowing that I have someone else on the journey with me is an amazing feeling. When I feel that I can’t talk to people around me, I know I can always turn to Matt and he’ll listen, and give me the best advice for me and the journey.

I have lost 10lbs since I started personal training. I feel that my body is becoming toned and I am doing things my body couldn’t do 7 weeks ago. But the best part of my journey so far is my husbands comment recently, “you’re so much happier since you started training.” It’s true, my confidence is through the roof, my attitude is more positive, mood swings have gone and my lifestyle overall has totally changed. Love it!

Thank you for everything so far Matt!


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