Set goals & win

Setting goals is easy, but where a lot of people fall off is, knowing how to set them and not sticking to them. I have listed 8 tips you can give a go. Please let me know how you get on with them, and if they are useful.



– Write down your intentions – Studios have shown that those who make mental goals are less likely to stick to them, than those who write them down. Write a simple contract to yourself stating what you intend to do and how you`ll do it. Keep it somewhere safe and re-read it any time you feel your goals slipping.

– Make small changes – Rather than setting yourself a huge goal that you`re likely to fail because its out of our league, go for small changes. so, instead of saying, Im going to lose a stone in weight and climb mount Everest, say Im going to hit the gym twice a week and eat more fruit and vegetables.



– Make it a routine –  The more you integrate fitness and nutrition goals into your everyday schedule, the easier it will be to stick to them. You`ll create a positive habit that will become second nature. so slot in 30 minutes of exercise before work or prepare a fresh and tasty salad the previous night, then all you have to do is pop it in your bag and go!

– Put your mind to it – Your mind is very clever, we fight against a lot, would you agree. For example if you see a cream cake you start to imagine eating it, before you know it, you have. Turn this to your advantage, and place lots of photos of yourself looking slim around the house. also, stick post it notes with positive statements and quotes `I choose fitness` or `I am slim and healthy` on the fridge or anywhere you think you might fall.

– Buddy up – Get your friends and family involved. Tell those close to you what you intend to do and if you`ve  a like minded friend or family member get them involved by training with you, or improving their nutrition. You`ll be able to support and encourage each other, which also help with motivation.

– Make it fun – You`re more likely to stick to good nutrition and fitness if you are enjoying it. So, go for workouts that make you smile and if you bored, mix it up a bit and try new things. Eat mood boosting foods and experiment with flavours. Have an adventure with ingredients and try something you`ve never eaten before. Healthy nutrition doesn’t have to be boring.



– Review your progress – When you start a new job there’s often a period of probation and then some kind of review of how you’re doing. This helps identify areas of weakness and also builds on your strengths. Take the same approach with your food and fitness goals and continually revise your plan every couple of months.

– Stay Positive – If you constantly focus on failure, guess what? Yes you  will fail. Switch your focus and be mindful of your thoughts. Whenever a negative thought creeps in, take a breath and repeat this mantra ! Iam successful in everything I do” “I achieve my goals” Be proud of what you have achieved so far. Everyday that you stick to your goals is a success. So give yourself a pat on the back and focus on how amazing you are.

Hope you enjoyed these Tips now get to it !!


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