Happy Healthy and Comfortable.

My first blog post, it was always going to be about where do I start and what shall I write to inspire others? I’m hoping that this first post will be a successful post of many; my blog is themed towards fitness, wellbeing and motivation. I have a big passion for motivation and fitness and my blog will focus on combining the two, I hope your ready !!

I’ve used fitness and wellbeing as a motivation all my life: whether its been to fight off illness or I’ve used a long run to focus on an upcoming goal or event. The definition of wellbeing says “a state of being comfortable, healthy or happy”, that statement im sure you will agree. Wouldn’t we all like to be in a state of wellbeing.

Can I just take the next few lines to tell you about what im working towards, then the rest of the blog will be all about you. By that I mean, the rest of the blog Ill be posting tips, advice and motivation aimed towards Your wellbeing including tips on Fitness, nutrition and how your mind can make You a better You.

Positive Fitness Coach

I’m currently personal training some amazing people locally (North east UK). When you get up on a morning and you’re excited about wanting to work with people who share the same interest, that’s the type of career you need to be in.
My other focus is something I see myself doing for the rest of my life. It will take some time to be trained up, but when I’m fully qualified that will be the start of a brand new journey… Personal coaching (more commonly Life coaching) but with the theme of Fitness, wellbeing and motivation. My thoughts are quite simple really… “if your sort out the mind the rest will follow”. So I hope you enjoy the start of this NEW amazing journey with me and even experience working with me at some point.

I think I’ll leave you with a quote that I posted on my facebook page the other day that created a lot of interest and leaves you thinking…



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