This blog post was sparked by me not wanting to see friends or anyone drink fizzy drinks and just as important, DIET FIZZY DRINKS. Please don’t drink them. Below are some reasons why “they will make you FAT”

These points are brought to you by the worlds best clinical nutritionists…

So how does that happen?

  • Artificial sweeteners are hundreds to thousands of times sweeter than regular sugar activating our genetically programmed preference for sweet taste more than any other substance.
  • They trick your metabolism into thinking sugar is on its way. This causes your body to pump out insulin, the fat storage hormone, which lays down more belly fat.
  • It also confuses and slows your metabolism down, so you burn less calories every day.
  • It makes you hungrier and crave even more sugar and starchy carbs like bread and pasta.
  • In animal studies, the rats that consumed artificial sweeteners ate more, their metabolism slowed, and they put on 14 percent more body fat in just two weeks – EVEN eating less calories.
  • In population studies there was a 200 percent increased risk of obesity in diet soda drinkers.

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Get rid of sugar


I’ll be honest and say my weakness is sugar. It’s slowly killing so many people, plus it’s slowly being added to so many foods we eat. How do we keep away from it. In theory it’s quite easy but when it comes down to educating people on where it’s hidden, that’s the hard part.

So how do we turn this into a positive step forward. For me the best way to change a massive problem is every body has to take an individual stance. It would help if the big food companies would help and even start to reduce the sugar content. But that’s maybe a goal for the future.

So let’s each of us make an individual start on reducing our sugar intake.
Let’s put a bit of a positive serving into this. Reducing your sugar intake will give quick but more importantly amazing health benefits. It will help with losing pounds, boost your energy levels, there are so many benefits in the short term and long.

How much is to much? Well NHS guidance suggest that the white stuff shouldn’t be no more than 10% of our daily calories. (About 50g for women, little higher for men).
If you are regularly eating processed foods you have probably already hit that number. Fear not as we are going to makes steps to reduce. Aren’t we ?

– Always read the labels, there are clues in there – stay away from anything ending in ‘ose’ – dextrose, glucose, fructose, sucrose, maltose. –
– Fruit, some fruits are high in natural sugars and yes too many can be damaging. – stick with your 5 a day, but choose veg over fruit. – Up the Apples and Pears, not just have good sleep but Apples and Pear are the best for least sugars. – Sugar is a big circle. – you eat sugar, you get a high, it wears off, you get another craving. – It has the same addictive effects as recreational drugs – Sugar will damage your teeth, it increases the bacteria in your mouth damaging teeth. – love the skin your in, sugar is giving you wrinkles earlier than you want.

I could talk much more about the benefits, the problems and where sugar is hidden. I’m sure you know a lot yourself.
As I say a lot “just start” !!! If you need help to stay focused longer and make a bigger impact together, contact me.

Smash your goals 2015


I hope you can embrace the quick tips to help you smash your goals NOW !!

1. Make it Actionable
Rather than giving yourself something NOT to do, give yourself something to do.


Look at it like this – you might decide to give up all fast food.

That’s great, but if all you’re doing is trying to avoid something, you have nothing else to focus on.

Rather than doing this, give yourself an actionable goal, such as –

– Eat a lean source of protein at every meal

– Eat 4 portions of vegetables each day

– Cook an evening meal at home at least 5 times a week.

This way, you’re not banning fast food, instead you’re giving yourself other goals to focus on, which will ultimately mean you eat less fast food.

2. Break it Down

You can definitely lose 2 stone, get a six pack, or run a half marathon this year, but these are all lofty goals.

There’s nothing wrong with breaking these down into bite-size pieces.

Why not aim to lose 3 pounds a month or set yourself the goal of a 5k park run in March, a 10k in May, a 10-miler in August, and a half marathon in November.

You’re far more likely to achieve manageable goals, which then leads to reaching your end goal.

3. Visualise It

If you’re starting out on your body transformation journey, it can be seriously difficult to picture where you want to be compared to where you are now.

So every morning, get into the mindset of what you think you’ll feel like when you’ve hit your goal.

4. Get Accountability

People are almost embarrassed about having resolutions at times.

Don’t be.

The more people you tell, the more you’re putting the emphasis on you, and making yourself accountable. You don’t want to let others down, which drives you on and motivated you to succeed.

5. Allow for Imperfections

Mess up?

It doesn’t matter.

Your year and your resolution aren’t ruined.

Simply learn from it, don’t beat yourself up, and move on.

You can still get to your goal at the end of the year with a few non-perfect days along the way.

2015: Your Heathliest Year Yet

While everyone around you is starting out the New Year with their magic diet pills, microwave ‘healthy meals’, or their new gym membership that they will probably use for a solid week, we can help you make this year your fittest, healthiest, leanest year yet.

Thanks to food for Fitness UK.

Anti-ageing Foods


The easiest way to improve your health is to attach a good-for-you habit to something that you do every day without even thinking about it—like eating! So the next time you’re are food shopping, stock up on foods that pack anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties, as well as fat-fighting antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. These options are delicious, versatile, and will make you feel and look great. Lean more about them in the forthcoming book 20 Pounds Younger.

1. Maple Syrup
The real deal—tapped from a tree, not a cornstalk—boasts some serious anti-aging benefits. This sweet natural sap is loaded with antioxidants, immune-boosting zinc, and anti-inflammatory properties. But drizzle sparingly; the sticky stuff is thick with sugar. Limit yourself to one tablespoon, or try our recipe for maple-glazed Brussels sprouts as a way to naturally sweeten the veggies. (Make sure it’s a natural one)

2. Cucumbers
They might look silly over your eyes, but there’s nothing funny about the health benefits that organic cucumbers provide your whole body. Researchers from the Salk Institute for Biological Studies found that fisetin, a flavonol naturally found in cucumbers, prevents progressive memory and learning impairments linked to memory loss and Alzheimer’s disease. As a snack, the superfood’s skin is loaded with silica, an essential component for healthy connective tissue that aids muscle repair and supports circulation around ligaments, cartilage, bone and skin cells. And it doubles as a topical treatment—slice it up and place under your eyes to reduce swelling, pit it on irritated skin to ease sunburn, or apply it on the back of your thighs to decrease the appearance of cellulite.

3. Coconut Oil
An International Journal of Dermatology study found using virgin coconut oil every day for seven weeks boosts skin hydration by 32 percent in people with mild to moderate eczema. And it smells amazing!
For amazing coconut oil BUY

4. Flowers (Or Leafy Greens)
Flowers are great for centerpieces and even better on your plate! A new study published in the Journal of Food Science finds that edible flowers are rich in phenolic and age-defying antioxidants like gallic acid, chlorogenic, and rutin. Researchers reported edible flowers, such as rose petals, are correlated with anti-inflammatory activity and reduced risk of developing cardiovascular disease and certain cancers. Can’t find edible roses at your local Piggly-Wiggly? Here’s another idea: Make this Mejool dates with rose-almond paste. Even easier: Buy more leafy greens, like kale, spinach, dandelion, and chard, which provide similar phytochemicals to flower petals—along with calcium and fiber.


Drop a dress size


Success is when a client says to you, “Matt I need to thank you, i had to send my new jeans back, the size I would normally order was to big. I had to get the size smaller. Thank you.

Bringing the year to an end with a few more clients to see before January this is what we will be working towards in 2015.

Having more energy to do more with your kids or family, having more energy to be more productive at work.

Being able to fit in to jeans or dresses with sizes that you haven’t had for a long time.

Your moods level out, even as far as health problems start to get better because we are working together on Nutrition, fitness and overall lifestyle.

There’ll be so many different reasons, aims and goals that inspire each and everyone of you. What ever your reason remember that through health, fitness and changing your lifestyle things do really get better…


Eat more FAT !!!


What do we know about fat. Are you eating a lot?, are you eating enough? If you are eating a lot is it the right fat?.
Do you find it confusing, is this the first time you have been told you can eat fat.
I’ll try to keep it simple, “don’t be afraid of fat” there is something in good fat that tells your brain to stop eating. Like a portion control department of your brain.

Good fat foods like fish high in omega 3’s, nuts, olive oils (keep them cold), seeds and my favourite avocados.
Good fats when eaten with other goods foods help your body to burn your body’s fat.
It slows the rate of which the sugar hits your blood stream keeping up your energy through the day.

This list could on and I could list so many different foods, recipes and ways that Good fats benefit YOU !!

Advice – start using them if you are looking at weight loss.

If you would like more info on what you should be eating please get booked in with me before all my client places get taken up in January 2015.


Protein Power


I’m always reading new research on what’s hot and what’s not and I’ll say the same as most of you, it’s so confusing, right?

This blog touches on protein, one of the Three most important, the other two being fats and Carbs. The following list is from natural plant sources.

Almonds – has to be one of my favourites, can be added to breakfasts, lunches, dinners, smoothies and even a good handful as a snack, weighing in at 18g of protein per 3oz.

Try adding Lentils, quinoa and chickpeas to your meals as all 3 hit a good weight of about 14-16g of protein per cup serving.

Another great source comes from Spinach packing in at about 5kg of protein per cup. Spinach is great to add in to salads and smoothies.

Remember Protein is so important it’s the main building block for your whole body (not just your muscles). If your looking at weight loss it’s essential for that. Try finding proteins from many different sources not just your typical eggs, chicken and meats.


Metabolic balance



Participants receive an individualised personal nutritional plan based on 35 laboratory values from a simple blood test. These values establish the correct parameters for proper metabolic and hormonal function for your unique biochemistry. The nutritional plan re-establishes your natural nightime fat burning process (lipolysis) and kick starts your metabolism again. So while it may sound too good to be true, you sleep your weight off!

The change in metabolism is achieved with this individualised, precise and balanced nutrition plan.

All recommended foods can be purchased at your local supermarket. Metabolic Balance® does not sell any meal replacements or food items. Due to the sound scientific foundation, it is having extraordinary success, now in its 11th year in Europe with over 400,000 participants to date, and it is continuing to grow at a staggering rate.

Metabolic Balance® is the accumulation of 25 years of academic research and development. The programme has been developed by a team of doctors, nutritionists and IT programming specialists.

The scientific proof and success of the programme has been documented by significant improvements in the clients lab values, as well as the more obvious health, vitality and aesthetics benefits that weight loss or adjustment will impart.

How does it work:

1. Initially you call to book your appointment. Here we shall discuss whether Metabolic Balance® is right for you. I will take the necessary measurements and talk through what your goals are. I will then discuss with you the necessary arrangements to get your blood samples taken at a specific laboratory.

2. Once the blood samples have been analysed, they are sent to your Nutritional Therapist. The data will be assessed and your individual plan will be created.

3. You are then ready to go. You will be guided through each step of the programme with your coach where you will be supported for at least 3 months through a number of consultations (face-to-face, Skype, telephone).

I have sampled the programme for myself so not only know the effects of Metabolic Balance® but understand the difficulties that may occur when on the plan. Thanks to my individualised approach you will also have the knowledge and skills to make these changes last once your desired results have been achieved.

Jawbone UP


This is not to be missed, not only do you get an amazing Jawbone UP24 but you’ll get even better results quicker.
Every client that’s signs up to the Jawbone package will get to keep their own Jawbone UP24. It monitors sleep patterns, fitness activity you can even input all your Nutrition data.

This tool is amazing for two people, You and me. As well as you, I will be able to monitor all your sleep, nutrition intake and all your fitness activity on all the days you are not training with me.
This will really speed up results, call it a big brother or call it exactly what you need.

You’ll receive 2 training sessions per week for a booking of two months minimum (2 months minimum booking gets you your JawboneUP24)

An hour and a half consultation to go through
– Where you are at now (important)
– Goals for the future
– Your current nutrition intake
– Where you want to be mentally and physically
– and more.

You will be able to contact me via phone, Skype or social media for the days when you really need motivating.

This package is not just about WeightLoss or increasing fittest… It’s the start of a relationship where we both work at giving everything, creating a lifestyle that becomes natural to you. IMG_9544.JPG



Don’t hold back


Have you ever read a article in a magazine about a celeb making a fool of themselves because of a mistake they made, they might have slipped over and been caught on camera. We’ve all seen them right? Can you remember them? Of course you can’t? It’s yesterday’s news and forgot about within minutes.

The picture I’m painting here is. You could be holding yourself back from being a better person, getting that new job you have dreamed of. Because your worrying about what someone might think about you, might laugh at you or talk behind your back.
Most or all of time people will only think about your mishap for a few seconds then it’s history. More importantly its YOU allowing the thoughts that makes it worse.

“An amazing quality to have is to be able to laugh at yourself”.

These thoughts are holding you back, do these sound familiar…..
– I’m so unlucky
– I can’t do that
– I’m not as good as him/her
– I’m scared
– I’m not good enough

If you are thinking, “Yes your right, but”……. You have just done it again, the “BUT” is holding you back to…. I will give you some leeway that these thoughts don’t happen over night, it will take time, “BUT” it’s down to you, correct your language and listen to what you say, exercise the mind as much as you can “Self talk” – listen to what the voice in your head is saying and answer back to it, especially if it’s talking negative.

**Remember this does take time but like anything with practice you will start to see a change just by the thoughts and the words you use.

**Remember “the words you speak can also impact people around you”